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What Is A Header Panel?

The front header panels on your vehicle are frame pieces that are not often seen, thought of or modified. They serve as a structural support member for the headlight assemblies and grille, running from left to right across the front of your vehicle. The header piece is usually completely covered on new vehicles and is not easily seen. The header piece can actually be part of the visible front end metal on older cars and trucks. And header pieces can only be used as horizontal filler panels between the grille and the hood on other vehicles.
We’ll look at four reasons in this article to replace a header panel. We will also cover the replacement header panels in OEM style, which we sell on our website – for new and classic vehicles.

Header Panels Often Get Damaged In Frontal Collisions
Regardless of their exact design and layout, header panels must normally be replaced following a frontal crash. Even a minor impact on the sideswipe or corner can significantly bend the header. Because these panels often have complex shapes, even seasoned body shop pros don’t get the straightening process correct every time. If that is the case, it may be impossible to line up headlamps to target them properly. In a worst-case scenario, uneven and unsightly gaps between headlight assemblies, grilles, hood panels and bumper areas at the front are visible. This, of course, devalues any vehicle considerably.

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Header Panels Are Relatively Easy To Replace
The front header panels are not welded in place, unlike most body panels. Instead, they are bound – a factor that makes it relatively easy to remove and install. So, if you’re not sure a header panel is compromised, it’s not difficult to take it off the vehicle from all angles. In most cases, headlamps, grill work and the header panel can only be removed with basic hand tools.
Header Panels Are Not Immune To Corrosion
While rust isn’t a common problem on header panels the way it is on fenders, rocker panels, and quarter panels, it does sometimes occur. It may be from previous damage that wasn’t repaired properly, or it may the cumulative result of winter road salt spray collecting in pockets that can’t be accessed with soap and water. Perhaps worst of all, this insidious corrosion can be hidden from sight until it’s too late.

Our Replacement Header Panels Match OEM Quality, Fit, and Durability
All header panels  are manufactured by manufacturers with proven quality control, fit and durability records. You can therefore expect the quality of the original equipment without paying high markup prices for dealers.
In order to guide you to the right front header panel you need, we have set up our website to display only choices that are entered in the Product Options field that will fit your specific vehicle once a year. If there were original variations for your vehicle, there may be several choices. For example, a Mercedes model with a grille integrated into the hood panel can display half – sections of the driver and passenger – side header panel instead of one full – width section.



What Are The Top Three Reasons To Use A Performance Differential Cover?

In heavy use, factory differential covers do not always hold up. We emphasize stronger, lighter performance covers, reduce heat and add style.

In keeping your wheels turning, differential covers play an important role. They also create a sealed area that protects gears and gear fluid from dirt and moisture while allowing easy maintenance of your differential fluid. Different covers must also increase the differential structural rigidity so that the housing does not bend and deform under load. They must resist the inevitable hard physical knocks. And they must dissipate heat well enough to keep high temperatures from wreaking havoc inside the differential.

In this article, we will look at a variety of differential covers that are all – around performance enhancers thanks to stronger materials, better designs that reduce heat and stylish finishes that dress up your axles.

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Better Protection Off-Roading

Serious off-roaders say that the biggest difference on the trails is differential covers built for maximum strength. Many diff covers of original equipment are made of thin stamped steel. Although they don’t necessarily crack apart, a common problem with OEM covers is that the bottom edge of the cover bends and peels off the differential when a vehicle drags its chassis over rocks.

Land the wrong way and bounce off something difficult, and OEM – strength diff covers are also likely to be dented. Both of these scenarios quickly lead to fluid leakage and water and grit entry that chews up gears.

We have performance diff heavy – duty covers made of iron that can take a bashing. Yes, it’s heavier than steel or aluminum, but it’s usually the most beefy you can buy. Greater iron construction rigidity ensures that these covers survive unharmed to fight another day.

For different Dana, Ford, GM and Dodge 4x4s, ARB cast iron differential covers are available. An integrated cross brace on these diff covers increases the axle assembly torsion rigidity by up to 900 feet. This reduces the overall flexibility of the differential housing and improves the meshing of the ring and pinion gears – leading to a longer service life for all moving parts. ARB covers are available in black or red with a tough outer coating.

We also have reinforced steel differential covers that also provide better off – road protection. If you have a Jeep CJ or a Wrangler, you can choose between a heavy stamped steel cover and a heavier cast steel cover.

Better Cooling Ability

If you drive your vehicle hard on the road, track or parking lot, there are clear advantages to differential aluminum coverings. The lighter weight of aluminum naturally helps to cut pounds from your vehicle in the never – ending quest.

Aluminum also delivers better heat than steel or iron, ensuring that differential temperatures remain cooler under all conditions. Cooler gear oil remains denser and provides better lubrication without breaking down as quickly as possible.

Another way to improve cooling is to increase the capacity of the fluid, and some diff covers do this by allowing you to add more oil.

The aluminum differential covers from Moser Engineering weigh only 6 lbs., and include all necessary gaskets, bolts and washers. See those center bolts on the “bridge” of the Moser cover? Those are load bolts, which are tightened against the diff’s bearing caps. So this cover provides better cooling and strength.

Aluminum diff covers provide even more surface area for better cooling with integrated cooling fins. This feature is offered by the aFe diff covers brand and combined with increased fluid capacity. Some covers with axle oil are even sold!

Enhanced Style

True car fanatics know the desire to hook up their ride everywhere – even below – with beautiful styling touches. Therefore, you have many choices depending on whether your priority is to increase strength, reduce weight, improve cooling capacity or provide some chassis bling. Let’s not discount the fact that some of these covers offer more than one advantage! And if you drive a 4×4, as we assume you are, you’ll want to invest in both a front diff cover and a rear cover, so it’s good whether you come or go!




Do You Want A Fresh Look And Fresh Grip Of A Steering Wheel Cover? Find Out The Different Types Below!

This guide examines the wheel of leather, velour, foam and vinyl steering wheel covers, which increases grip, feels good in your hands and isolates.

Today’s snug – fit, custom wheel covers are no longer just for bling. Driving wheel covers can make driving safer and more comfortable thanks to modern high – grade materials. Initially, OEM steering wheel surfaces wear smoothly over time, making them more difficult to hold on. Customized steering wheel covers provide fresh grip, ensuring optimum control in all driving conditions – particularly during sudden emergency maneuvers or off – road. Many of our steering wheel covers are made with a touch – springing layer of memory foam. If you prefer it, we even have foam – made covers. These types of covers are not only grippers; they also serve as shock absorbers to reduce high-frequency vibrations transmitted by the steering wheel. This naturally increases the driver’s comfort and reduces fatigue.

And if you have a steering wheel that gets very hot in warm weather, a cover with a softer exterior layer will remain cooler for greater comfort. Such covers are not nearly as cold in cold weather!

We’ll look at the steering wheel covers on our website in this article. We think you’ll find our leather, velvet, foam and vinyl offerings beautiful and stylish – they boost the look of any interior car or truck for a fraction of the cost of replacing a whole wheel.


Nothing looks and feels like real leather, and we have several styles. For starters, on our Torxe product page, you’ll find a number of great leather cover values. For those that prefer luxury accents, Torxe’s Genuine Leather “Version 23” covers are available in black or beige with faux wood trim edging.

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Thanks to advances in polymer technology and construction, steering covers made of “faux leather” (also known as vinyl) are more attractive and luxurious than ever. For example, the Winjet Faux Leather Steering Wheel Cover with Multi Curve Pattern offers a choice of solid colors with stylish ridge patterns.

Velour & Sheepskin

We have all-velour covers that feel right in your hands for the ultimate in soft touch luxury. Covering offers 11 to choose from if you prefer solid colors. And if you want to draw attention with bright colorful patterns, we’ve got Cover king Designer Velour Steering Wheel Covers and Torxe (3-pc. set with seat belt pads) Leopard Animal Print Steering Wheel Covers.

Steering wheel covers are an affordable and easy-to-install accessory that can change the appearance of the interior of your ride in minutes. It’s also practical. You might want to consider getting several at these price points, so you can change them to suit your mood!


What Is A Throttle Controller And Why Should I Add It To My Car?

Electronic throttle controls remove gas pedals and throttle cables. We emphasize controllers that can adjust the throttle application to improve drive-ability.

Modern cars and trucks are constantly evolving, mainly due to electronics advances. This enables vehicle systems previously controlled by mechanical hardware to be operated by computers that have undreamed of processing power a few decades ago. If properly applied, this processing power can reduce the built-in power and responsiveness of your vehicle without physically upgrading the engine. One such system found on vehicles injected with fuel today is electronic throttle control, commonly known as drive-by-wire.

Electronic throttle controls remove the conventional “mechanical” cable attached to the gas pedal at one end and the body assembly at the other. What’s an assembly of the throttle body? Mounted under the hood between the air cleaner and the intake manifold, throttle body assembly controls airflow into the engine via a butterfly valve, or plate, that opens and closes based on accelerator pedal position. On older vehicles with cable setups, the cable literally pulls the throttle plate open when your foot presses down on the pedal.

The cable is replaced by an electronically controlled system using advanced electro-mechanical actuators, sensor chips and highly accurate potentiometers on modern vehicles with drive-by-wire configurations. So the accelerator pedal is no longer attached to a cable -just an electronic sensor that determines how far down the pedal is pressed.

The throttle (gas pedal) position sensor relays this information to the vehicle’s main computer, the electronic control unit (ECU). The ECU takes that information and commands a small electric motor to open or close the throttle plate. At the same time, the ECU increases injector pulse width to boost fuel flow accordingly.

Standard drive-by-wire settings tend to lead to a slower response time than old-school cable settings. But what is the response to throttle? In particular, it is a measure of how quickly an internal combustion engine can increase its power output from a low RPM to a higher, more powerful RPM in response to the gas pedal of a driver. Although faster response is often associated with higher power, true “throttle response” is merely a measurement of the time needed to change the output power.

In modern vehicles under competitive pressure to achieve high fuel economy ratings, throttle response is deliberately programmed to be more gradual (“sluggish”) to save us from ourselves. Truth be told, this trick helps kilometers -but it also creates a throttle response that feels like Novocain was injected into the whole system.

As enthusiasts, we appreciate the need for speed and we enjoy the thrill of pushing our cars to newer limits. Slower throttle response only serves to increase the time it takes to reach your vehicle’s maximum power level. To address this issue, we offer throttle controllers that bypass and override the factory electronic throttle control settings and eliminate noticeable time delays.

Throttle controllers take information directly from the accelerator pedal position sensor; “advance” the numbers in the high-speed controller circuit, then send the new and improved signal to the ECU of your vehicle – bypassing checks that may cause confusion or errors when the final signal is sent to open the throttle plate. However, since the throttle controllers are connected to the ECU of your vehicle, they can also make useful revisions to the air/fuel mixture and ignition timing to increase the actual power and torque in addition to the speed of response.

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Basic Throttle Body Controllers

If you’re looking for great value, we’ve got several devices that keep it simple and specialize in just this function. For starters, the Weapon-R I-Throttle Controller provides 16 different throttle settings that can be selected at the touch of a button. Nine of them increase throttle opening speed to tailor response to just the desired amount for performance driving and even racing. And if you’re just cruising and want a better kilometer of fuel, there are 7 settings in the economy mode. For an excellent price, the Remus Throttle Responder offers 4 adjustable settings.

Likewise, the Buddy Club Throttle Booster features a manual control knob which can be rotated to maximize either economy or performance response. The AVO Throttle Controller is designed specifically for Subaru’s back to 2002, and features a standard (factory) mode along with 9 power and 3 off-road settings which offer extremely gradual throttle response necessary for trail climbing.

The JET Stage 2 Power Control Module is designed for the performance enthusiast who has already made bolt-on modifications such as a freer flowing exhaust system, aftermarket air intake assemblies, upgraded mass air flow sensors, and other items. It also remaps fuel and timing curves to maximize power, and is recommended for use with super unleaded fuel and 180 degree thermostats.

The BD Diesel Performance Throttle Sensitivity Booster is designed for a number of diesel vehicles in addition to gasoline vehicles if you have a late-model truck or SUV powered by a diesel engine.

Throttle Body Controllers with Other Added Features

We’ve also got throttle body controllers that adjust throttle body responsiveness and perform a host of other functions. Some are offered with built-in video display screens, while others geared toward value will display menus and information using one or two lines of text only. These are actually known as power tuners, or power programmers.

If you are interested in throttle controllers that do more than just modify the drive-by-wire system of your accelerators, please check all the options in our article “Are Super chips Really Super?”

Connection and setup is a piece of cake because most of the units referenced here either plug into the OBD II port of your vehicle or require a simple connection to the module(s) under the hood. We also believe in the saying “Responsibility comes with power” and these throttle controllers are designed to deliver increased performance responsibly – with integrated fail-safes in their programming to ensure smooth operation, avoid checking engine light failures and prevent your vehicle from accelerating out of control. All that’s left to address is one simple question – are you going to wait for power, or are you going to demand it right now?