Windshield Shades Are For Summer and Winter Use

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Are Windshield Shades JUST For Summer And Winter Use?

We discuss how windshield shades block UV rays to prevent the build-up of internal heat, cracked dashboards and faded upholstery – plus external versions that prevent ice build-up!

Did you ever walk through a crowded mall or beach parking lot in the summer and spot a flickering shade of a carton windshield with a pair of sunglasses printed on the upside? It may even have the word “HELP” in big letters on the other side, as if you had time to position it in a real emergency.

You’ve seen these shades of cardboard sun – covered with stains from inevitable spills, curled up at the corners due to moisture and permanently bent out of shape because the owner once stowed it carelessly without realizing how easily it damages.

Fortunately, the days of the cheap corner-store sun shades have ended with advanced materials and clever designs. Welcome to the modern world of shades of windshields that protect your interior in the summer. And, shades that make your winter life easier.

In particular, significant improvements have been introduced in the previously imprecise windshield shades business. First, a number of manufacturers have introduced shades that fit a particular year, make and model car – ensuring an excellent fit. In addition, windshield shades are weatherproof and can be installed on the outside of the glass, allowing you to clear snow, frost condensation and ice in a matter of seconds.

Sun Shades Install Inside to Keep Your Interior Cool

When it comes to fighting oppressive heat and scalding indoor temperatures, we have sun shades that fit like a glove – blocking the inside of your entire windshield thanks to suction cups that keep everything in place without falling.

And because the sun shades we offer fully block ultraviolet rays, interior components don’t suffer the ravages of the sun. Dashboard tops are less likely to crack, vinyl upholstery won’t fade, leather won’t dry up, and interior plastics are less likely to off-gas which can fog the inside of the glass and leave the air inside your vehicle filled with toxic chemicals.

Our shades come from some of the company’s most famous brands. To begin with, we have a vehicle-specific Tech Shade Sun Shade from Weather Tech. Suction cups help keep it in place and it rolls up easily for storage. With a full 3-year warranty, Weather Tech supports this product.

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Snow Shades Install on the Outside of Your Window to Prevent Snow & Ice Buildup

If you live in a cold weather climate, we have snow shades that are designed to be mounted over the glass on the outside of your windshield, and then secured with ends that snuggle between closed doors to protect theft. Some have other straps. When you’re ready to go, just peel the cover to reveal a clear windshield – no snow to wipe, ice to scrape away, or long warm – up until the car’s defroster begins to work.

Sun Shade Protection for Other Vehicle Windows

Since the sun not only selects your front windshield to beam through, we also have vehicle-specific sun shade kits for side windows, rear windows and glass sunroofs. Or select a full-vehicle kit that includes all!

As we mentioned, the world of shades of windshields has been greatly improved by our forward-thinking manufacturers. If you don’t have a shade, or if the one you have doesn’t really fit well, do a favor and see how affordable and simple it is to protect the interior of your car from the sun’s harmful effects.