Which Seat Cover Works Best with Pets?

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If You Care About Your Car And Pet Ask Yourself, Which Seat Cover Works Best With All Parties?


Dogs love to ride in cars; it’s in their nature. However, there can be costly damage to the upholstery. We examine your vehicle and your dog’s seat covers and hammocks.

If you have a dog, you’re probably already aware of the joy of bringing them in your car or truck. Part of the best friend and part of the family, dogs appreciate every nuance that driving in a car brings – things we enjoyed as kids, but as adults we forgot. Watching the scenery, hanging a head out the window for a cool wind and watching other animals in passing are just some of the things that make dogs enjoy the ride.

However, in their excitement, dogs simply don’t realize that sensitive upholstery can damage easily –leaving scars that can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars to repair. And if you lack the time or funds to get such damage fixed promptly, you’ll spend a lot of time wincing as your eye repeatedly falls upon the damaged areas.

In this article, we will review seat covers specially designed for animals that protect the interior of your vehicle from scratches, wetness, accidents, mud, drool, hair and other things that dogs are dragging along. With any of the pet seat covers from our selection fitted in your vehicle, you can give your dog(s) the happiness they deserve while YOU enjoy comfort from knowing a smart money purchase has been made that will effectively protect the sizeable investment known as your automobile. After all, dogs do a lot for us –so why not return a favor to them?

Pet Door Protectors

The interior of the door side is often overlooked when it comes to pet-proofing your vehicle. The fact is, however, that the sides of your doors are most prone to damage because dogs constantly clutch their way up to the window. That’s why we offer the Canine Covers Dog Door Shield with smooth polyester material front and the Classic Accessories Dog about Vehicle Door Protector with imitation suede across its entire face should you prefer material that’s softer and more padded. Both offer quick installation and removal without tools thanks to retention tabs that slide easily between the window glass and door panel.

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Hammock Style Seat Protectors For Bench Seats

If your dog is older and has trouble climbing stairs with his hind legs, it is almost impossible to remain balanced during braking on an automobile seat. Worst-case panic stops often cause injury when fewer agile animals fall on the floor and bump down hard center consoles. The hammock – style seat covers not only provide complete comfort and protection for the main seating area, they prevent falls by cradling your pet if they lean off the edge of the seat. Thanks to straps that slip around the front and rear headrests, all the hammocks we offer are easily installed.

Pet Seat Covers For Bucket Seats

If your dog rides along in the front seat or a rear captain’s chair, we’ve got universal-fitting covers designed specifically for individual bucket seats. The Canine Covers Semi-Custom Bucket Seat Protector features a skirt that drops down 7 inches over exposed seat edges, and features three elastic straps that keep it snug against the seatback no matter what the dimensions of your seat are. In the Product Options field, you’ll see this seat cover is offered with various materials such as polycotton, imitation suede, and polyester camouflage patterns – all of which are available in multiple color choices.

 Custom-Fitting Pet Seat Covers For Bench Seats

Most pet seat covers are universal, which means that they fit all vehicles in one size. However, we offer several custom – fit and semi – custom – fit designs that fit your make and model’s seat contours like a glove. Either designation is clearly noted near the top paragraph of any description of the seat cover product. If the Product Options box prompts you to enter the vehicle manufacture, model and year, the cover for the pet seat you are looking for is a customized or semi – custom design.

Universal-Fitting Covers for Bench Seats

Due to lower production costs, universal pet seat covers are typically priced lower than those that are customized. These also make excellent covers because they are designed to anchor firmly in place with adjustable straps and buckles for headrests in the second row as well as anchor bars between seat backs and seat covers.