The Top Three Reasons to Use A Performance Differential Cover

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What Are The Top Three Reasons To Use A Performance Differential Cover?

In heavy use, factory differential covers do not always hold up. We emphasize stronger, lighter performance covers, reduce heat and add style.

In keeping your wheels turning, differential covers play an important role. They also create a sealed area that protects gears and gear fluid from dirt and moisture while allowing easy maintenance of your differential fluid. Different covers must also increase the differential structural rigidity so that the housing does not bend and deform under load. They must resist the inevitable hard physical knocks. And they must dissipate heat well enough to keep high temperatures from wreaking havoc inside the differential.

In this article, we will look at a variety of differential covers that are all – around performance enhancers thanks to stronger materials, better designs that reduce heat and stylish finishes that dress up your axles.

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Better Protection Off-Roading

Serious off-roaders say that the biggest difference on the trails is differential covers built for maximum strength. Many diff covers of original equipment are made of thin stamped steel. Although they don’t necessarily crack apart, a common problem with OEM covers is that the bottom edge of the cover bends and peels off the differential when a vehicle drags its chassis over rocks.

Land the wrong way and bounce off something difficult, and OEM – strength diff covers are also likely to be dented. Both of these scenarios quickly lead to fluid leakage and water and grit entry that chews up gears.

We have performance diff heavy – duty covers made of iron that can take a bashing. Yes, it’s heavier than steel or aluminum, but it’s usually the most beefy you can buy. Greater iron construction rigidity ensures that these covers survive unharmed to fight another day.

For different Dana, Ford, GM and Dodge 4x4s, ARB cast iron differential covers are available. An integrated cross brace on these diff covers increases the axle assembly torsion rigidity by up to 900 feet. This reduces the overall flexibility of the differential housing and improves the meshing of the ring and pinion gears – leading to a longer service life for all moving parts. ARB covers are available in black or red with a tough outer coating.

We also have reinforced steel differential covers that also provide better off – road protection. If you have a Jeep CJ or a Wrangler, you can choose between a heavy stamped steel cover and a heavier cast steel cover.

Better Cooling Ability

If you drive your vehicle hard on the road, track or parking lot, there are clear advantages to differential aluminum coverings. The lighter weight of aluminum naturally helps to cut pounds from your vehicle in the never – ending quest.

Aluminum also delivers better heat than steel or iron, ensuring that differential temperatures remain cooler under all conditions. Cooler gear oil remains denser and provides better lubrication without breaking down as quickly as possible.

Another way to improve cooling is to increase the capacity of the fluid, and some diff covers do this by allowing you to add more oil.

The aluminum differential covers from Moser Engineering weigh only 6 lbs., and include all necessary gaskets, bolts and washers. See those center bolts on the “bridge” of the Moser cover? Those are load bolts, which are tightened against the diff’s bearing caps. So this cover provides better cooling and strength.

Aluminum diff covers provide even more surface area for better cooling with integrated cooling fins. This feature is offered by the aFe diff covers brand and combined with increased fluid capacity. Some covers with axle oil are even sold!

Enhanced Style

True car fanatics know the desire to hook up their ride everywhere – even below – with beautiful styling touches. Therefore, you have many choices depending on whether your priority is to increase strength, reduce weight, improve cooling capacity or provide some chassis bling. Let’s not discount the fact that some of these covers offer more than one advantage! And if you drive a 4×4, as we assume you are, you’ll want to invest in both a front diff cover and a rear cover, so it’s good whether you come or go!