Steering Wheel Covers | Fresh Look and Fresh Grip

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Do You Want A Fresh Look And Fresh Grip Of A Steering Wheel Cover? Find Out The Different Types Below!

This guide examines the wheel of leather, velour, foam and vinyl steering wheel covers, which increases grip, feels good in your hands and isolates.

Today’s snug – fit, custom wheel covers are no longer just for bling. Driving wheel covers can make driving safer and more comfortable thanks to modern high – grade materials. Initially, OEM steering wheel surfaces wear smoothly over time, making them more difficult to hold on. Customized steering wheel covers provide fresh grip, ensuring optimum control in all driving conditions – particularly during sudden emergency maneuvers or off – road. Many of our steering wheel covers are made with a touch – springing layer of memory foam. If you prefer it, we even have foam – made covers. These types of covers are not only grippers; they also serve as shock absorbers to reduce high-frequency vibrations transmitted by the steering wheel. This naturally increases the driver’s comfort and reduces fatigue.

And if you have a steering wheel that gets very hot in warm weather, a cover with a softer exterior layer will remain cooler for greater comfort. Such covers are not nearly as cold in cold weather!

We’ll look at the steering wheel covers on our website in this article. We think you’ll find our leather, velvet, foam and vinyl offerings beautiful and stylish – they boost the look of any interior car or truck for a fraction of the cost of replacing a whole wheel.


Nothing looks and feels like real leather, and we have several styles. For starters, on our Torxe product page, you’ll find a number of great leather cover values. For those that prefer luxury accents, Torxe’s Genuine Leather “Version 23” covers are available in black or beige with faux wood trim edging.

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Thanks to advances in polymer technology and construction, steering covers made of “faux leather” (also known as vinyl) are more attractive and luxurious than ever. For example, the Winjet Faux Leather Steering Wheel Cover with Multi Curve Pattern offers a choice of solid colors with stylish ridge patterns.

Velour & Sheepskin

We have all-velour covers that feel right in your hands for the ultimate in soft touch luxury. Covering offers 11 to choose from if you prefer solid colors. And if you want to draw attention with bright colorful patterns, we’ve got Cover king Designer Velour Steering Wheel Covers and Torxe (3-pc. set with seat belt pads) Leopard Animal Print Steering Wheel Covers.

Steering wheel covers are an affordable and easy-to-install accessory that can change the appearance of the interior of your ride in minutes. It’s also practical. You might want to consider getting several at these price points, so you can change them to suit your mood!