Custom Shift Knobs | Can You Handle One in Your Ride?

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Can You Handle A Custom Shift Knob In Your Ride?

Gear shift knobs can be ignored easily. You can change it for little cost. We talk about leather, wood, colors, metal and more gearshift knobs.

Gear shift knobs can be ignored easily. You can change it for little cost. We talk about leather, wood, colors, metal and more gearshift knobs.

Custom Shift Knobs Add Individual Style

Whether you prefer leather, bright colors, brushed metal, chrome, or the look of carbon fiber, you’ll find a lot to like in our custom shift knobs section. We’ll start with best values from Pilot that include full and partial leather wrap (with or without colored stitching), brushed metal, and round “8-ball” knobs. You will also appreciate our selection of Momo shift knobs – many of them leather inserts contrasting with metal or simulated carbon fiber.

Sparco custom gear shift knobs focus on accentuating the beauty of metal, and many choices feature partial leather inserts. Those who are fanatical about reducing overall weight may find the design of the OMP aluminum Pomello Gear Knob is a nice match for any perforated, lightweight accelerator and brake pedals installed on your vehicle.

And if you prefer a light-colored burst at the end of your shifter lever, we think you’ll like our Agency Power, Cusco, Razo and Spec-D selections. Agency Power’s Short Shifter Kit also features a 1-inch drop in the height of the shifter rod and a 30 percent reduction in the length of the throw between gears.

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Weighted Shift Knobs Make Shifting More Enjoyable

There are also a large number of stainless steel shift knobs in our selection. Since steel is denser than other typically used OEM shift knobs, it weighs more. But instead of that weight making shifting harder, steel knobs actually make rowing the gears easier and more satisfying.

How can I do that? If a weighted shift knob is moved from one gear position to another, the greater weight of the knob creates extra momentum during the journey. This momentum pushes the shift lever into the next detent position much easier. Less effort is required by the driver to finagle the shifter into place, and a feeling of lighter, smoother shifting is created.

To have this effect, a weighted shift knob does not have to be large or cumbersome. One example is the stylish shape of Skunk2 stainless steel Billet Shift Knobs with a titanium coating.

Custom Shift Knobs with Built-in Pushbuttons

We have custom shifter knobs at the top with an integrated push button. The shifter rod includes the cable leading from the button that can be connected to your choice of 12-volt circuit. With one easy push, the shifter knob buttons can enable you to switch on the nitro-us boost, delay the timing of the spark, activate custom overdrive gears, control the transmission brake, turn on additional vehicle lights (below, inside, etc.), or perform any function your imagination can create.

Custom Shift Knobs Can Also Add Humor

If you’re a person who’s known for having a good sense of humor, we’ve got some choices that are sure to generate laughs. For example, on our American Shifter brand page, you’ll find universal-fit knobs made to look like a crushed beer can, dynamite stick, grenade, monster faces, figurines, and more. American Shifter also offers a wide range of round ball settings with fun logos, shift patterns and images.

Add the Luxury of Wood grain

Real wood can make the interior of a vehicle pop while adding luxurious warmth. The URO Parts Replacement Auto Trans Shift Handle offers a selection of classic BMW, Mercedes and Jaguar replacement gear shift levers. Usually, they’re upgrades shaped to match the original sizes, dimensions, and functions of OEM handles that were not made of wood.

In addition, the Pilot Burl wood Shift Knob is designed to be used in both manual and automatic transmission vehicles that are not equipped with a release trigger with universal dimensions.

Unless a “Vehicle-specific” designation is noted on the top right corner of a product page, most of the custom shift knobs we offer are a “universal-fit” design -meaning they can be screwed on to the end of any gearshift rod for a manual transmission. In some cases (usually older vehicles), they can also be affixed to automatic Trans shift levers not equipped with a release button.

We hope we have given you a “handle” (pun intended) on our exceptional range of shift knob choices. And you can buy and swap several at these prices, depending on your mood!